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We believe in human milk feeding

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About Us

The Lactation Coalition of King County welcomes and supports all lactating people and families, inclusive of racial or ethnic identity, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, educational background and socioeconomic status. We respect the value of varied lactation designations of folks within our group.

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Learn about our group

We recognize that each member of this coalition has a unique perspective and valuable contributions and knowledge. We believe in respectful communication.

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Find what you need

Find resources on providers, classes, trainings (all virtual as well as some in person) and birthing groups with lactation support. Also find hospital connections and contacts.

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Our lactation coalition

Interested in joining our non-profit organization? When you join the Lactation Coalition of King County, you're committing to engaging in a respectful manner.

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Contribute To Our Cause

If you believe in our cause and would like to contribute to our organization, please consider donating to WA Breastfeeding

Next Meeting

July 16th  2024 Noon-1:00pm

Want to join, but not part of the coalition yet?

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